Published On: 16 July 2021

Testimonial – Angelina Bedford, L&Q

One of the things I really value about CTG is the way they bring together an incredible breadth of industry experience and knowledge. It’s not just about the detailed audit process and the platform they have created, but their understanding of wayleave and access agreements, network design and installation and their ability to effectively manage a project.

Anyone who has been through an audit process knows how complicated it can be – and how important it is to have accessible documentation.  The digital compliance platform that CTG have developed really makes the whole process much simpler and very transparent.

The comprehensiveness of the auditing process is really important to L&Q, and it gives us confidence to know that the audits are being carried out by well-trained, accredited and recognised auditors. There have been a number of very serious incidents in buildings of multiple occupation over the last 5-10 years which means that landlords are very concerned about minimising risks for their residents.

Using CTG’s platform means it’s much easier for us to review documents, and the inbuilt photographic recording, time stamping and annotation means we have a permanent digital compliance record. This will help L&Q demonstrate confidently to our residents and stakeholders that our buildings meet all legal and regulatory requirements.

Over the last few months we’ve partnered with CTG on a number of very successful projects and we look forward to expanding on this in future.

I’d definitely recommend CTG to other landlords facing the challenge of upgrading their buildings to ensure residents have access to fast and reliable digital connectivity by the Government’s 2025 deadline.

Angelina Bedford, Project Manager, L&Q

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