We partner with landlords to get MDUs digitally connected

CTG collaborates with landlords to oversee the safe and high quality installation of gigabit-enabled connectivity in blocks of flats.

Complete Technology Group collaborates with housing associations to bridge the digital divide and create inclusive communities. In just three years, we’ve built relationships with over 20 landlords. We’re trusted because:

  • We understand the complexity of providing reliable, high-speed internet to residents
  • We put the needs of residents and landlords first
  • We facilitate safe access and a safe, high quality fibre network for telecoms companies
  • We widen digital access – and digital inclusion.

Getting Communities Connected

Installing into MDUs is more complex, more expensive and higher risk to build than single dwellings. The consequence is that typically, 70% of MDUs do not yet have access to fibre. Many telecoms companies build past MDUs and go on to offer broadband services to cheaper, easier to access buildings.

We want to change that. We support landlords to have confidence and assurance in third parties installing fibre, help telecoms companies get access and build safely – and ultimately, get more residents connected, faster.

Our Housing Association Partners

We’re delighted to work with over 20 housing associations to ensure residents have access to safe, high quality digital connectivity and in doing so, widen digital inclusion.

Why Choose Complete Technology Group? 

We keep buildings safe. We manage digital infrastructure provision on behalf of landlords at no cost, enabling high quality broadband installation into homes.

We’re independent and ensure every fibre installation is of a high quality. Our industry-leading audit is raising standards in the sector.

We specialise in MDUs. In doing so, we help landlords and telecoms companies to get these more complex buildings digitally connected, faster.

Get Connected with Us 

If you’d like to know more about how we’re supporting landlords in the UK to plan and install gigabit-enabled connectivity for residents, drop us a line and we’ll get in touch for an informal conversation.

We’re not an ISP but we do facilitate and audit fibre connectivity, at no cost to landlords.