What is Full Fibre?

Full Fibre is the next generation of broadband. It uses cables made of glass or plastic to transmit data at incredibly fast speeds directly into your home.

With Full Fibre, multiple devices can be connected at the same time. It’s also more reliable and delivers faster speeds than the old copper-based networks, so you can enjoy the very best online experience.

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Why would I want Full Fibre?

With a more reliable and faster broadband service, you can access the internet, video call friends and family, download films, books and play video games, faster.

Full fibre is the best broadband option for handling our online needs. So, more people in your household can be online at the same time – whether it’s watching, streaming, playing, researching, or shopping.

As school, work, healthcare and public services develop, we’ll do more online and we need to have reliable connectivity, 24-7.

When will I get Full Fibre?

There are three phases:

Phase 1

Your building has the cables and wiring installed ready for Full Fibre. No access to your home is required. There may be some drilling, and everything they do is independently checked for safety and quality

Phase 2

Once an Internet Service Provider (ISP) is in the area (this may take a few months) and ready to connect to your building, they will connect Full Fibre to the building

Phase 3

Only once you have decided you would like Full Fibre broadband, will your home be connected. Once connected, you will pay a monthly tariff (package) just as you do now for your old copper-based broadband.

Why would I switch to Full Fibre?

  • Old copper-based broadband is being phased out and replaced with Full Fibre. By switching to Full Fibre as soon as it’s available, you’ll already be connected to the fastest, most reliable broadband available and won’t need to change providers again when copper broadband is retired.

How much will it cost me? 

  • Your landlord is getting your building ready for Full Fibre connectivity. There is no cost for this to you or your landlord.

I want Full Fibre

  • Call CTG and quote CTG01. We’re independent. We don’t sell or provide broadband services. We don’t charge residents or landlords for our services – we exist to help landlords get more people connected.

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