Safe, high quality digital infrastructure

Our vision is simple. We want every home to have safe and high quality digital infrastructure so that everyone can connect with school, work, and their community, and live life well.

Who we are

Complete Technology Group (CTG) partners with landlords responsible for multi-dwelling units (MDUs), helping deliver digital infrastructure.

We are the bridge between landlords and telecommunications providers, helping residents gain safe access to reliable, ultra-fast digital connectivity. Our founders are committed to digital inclusion.

Our expertise from the housing, telecoms, energy and charity sectors connects homes, reduces risk, ensures building safety and compliance, widens digital inclusion for customers, reduces carbon emissions and lowers costs for landlords.

No Cost

Our core services are free of charge to landlords and residents

What we do

We give landlords assurance and choice, while reducing costs and risk for telecommunications providers.

CTG offers landlords digital infrastructure and advisory services including audit, route design and installation. Partnering with us reduces risk and assures safe, high-quality, futureproof and compliant outcomes.

The customers we help

Everyone gains from joined-up thinking, so we work closely with landlords and telecommunications providers, facilitating the way to fast, safe broadband connections for residents in social and multi-occupancy homes.



We’re raising standards

Working closely with the housing sector, we’ve collaborated on best practice industry standards that will deliver widespread benefits:

  • Faster, higher quality digital infrastructure builds and fibre network rollout

  • Safer, futureproofed buildings

  • Improved processes and more effective working between telecommunications companies and housing associations

  • Clear audit trail and accountability (Golden Thread principles)

  • Confidence in outcomes, reduced risk and better reputational protection

We’re making an impact

Our role partnering with landlords and working with telecoms providers promotes important environmental, social and governance objectives:

  • Reducing carbon emissions and wider environmental impacts

  • Delivering social value through greater digital inclusion

  • Protecting building integrity and safety through a single digital infrastructure installation

  • Improving governance, with golden thread principles and digital asset records

  • Minimising disruption for residents

“Partnering with CTG has been the best decision we have made. In a sector that has many pitfalls and challenges for landlords, our partnership has removed the risk completely and allowed us to learn, without the mistakes”

Head of Capital Delivery, Orbit Group

Career opportunities

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