Connecting homes and widening digital inclusion

We partner with landlords to connect homes, reduce risks, ensure building safety and compliance, widen digital inclusion, lower carbon emissions and reduce costs.

Our expert digital infrastructure and advisory services include audit and fibre installation, transforming the speed and quality of digital access for your residents.

Our services are free of charge to landlords and residents

The costs of our services are met through the fibre network leasing fee paid by telecommunications companies, charged at a fair market rate. There is no charge to landlords or residents.

Safety, assurance and digital inclusion; the benefits of working with CTG

  • Delivers infrastructure for ultra-fast digital connectivity, widening digital inclusion
  • Provides free of charge services, reduces costs, frees up people resource
  • Protects building integrity, reduces risk
  • Ensures compliance with regulations
  • Delivers principles of Golden Thread
  • Reduces environmental impacts; installation and maintenance
  • Protects and futureproofs buildings

Compliance and more: best practice industry standards

Landlords responsible for multi-dwelling units (MDUs) have a pivotal role to play to deliver safe, high quality gigabit-broadband to residents. CTG exists to help landlords manage the process and implementation.

Working closely with the housing sector, we’ve collaborated on best practice industry standards for fibre networks. These cover build standards, commercial terms and service level agreements, providing peace of mind with an agreed framework that landlords and telecommunications companies can invoke repeatedly.

This framework establishes clear expectations and control mechanisms, normalising good practice and enabling all landlords to move forward swiftly and confidently with reliable, fast, building connectivity.

Our assurance audit assesses the build and installation against exacting standards, ensuring the safety of residents and buildings

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“It has been a breath of fresh air to work with a company that says what they are going to do, and sticks to it”

Contract Manager, A2 Dominion Housing Group