The Complete Technology Group Audit Process 

At Complete Technology Group (CTG), our commitment to excellence begins with a meticulous discovery process, where we compile a comprehensive range of information, status updates, and reports on your building portfolio. This, coupled with digital infrastructure design and build reports, forms a crucial blueprint guiding our final audit. Remarkably, this service incurs zero cost for landlords, as it is funded by telecommunications providers, emphasising our dedication to providing a seamless digital connectivity delivery. 

Landlord and MDU Fibre Audit 

Following the initial discovery, we collaborated with you to develop a digital connectivity strategy across your building portfolio, designing tailored digital infrastructures for Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs). Opting for our Complete Fibre service opens the door to a building-to-home digital infrastructure solution. 

Our approach is rooted in evidence, with a digital handover pack supporting the Golden Thread principles. Post-installation, our independent inspectors conduct a thorough audit, ensuring that all works adhere to industry standards, meet safety requirements, and align with the design. This rigorous audit process, developed in consultation with landlords and housing associations, minimizes risks for both landlords and telecommunications providers. 

Our Commitment to Audit Safety 

CTG’s commitment to safety extends to legal and moral obligations toward resident and building safety. A CTG Audit provides assurance of high-quality fiber installations, ensuring building safety with sufficient integrity for fire and construction. 

We make it happen

The CTG Audit ensures compliance with a spectrum of regulations, including the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, The Fire Safety Act 2021, The Building Safety Act 2022, and The Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022, among others. 

We make it happen

Our audits, conducted by an independent CTG team, are held to the highest standards of accountability. A signatory of the Building Safety Charter, CTG actively promotes a cultural shift to enhance safety and standards in fibre installations. 

We make it happen

CTG Audit, conducted through four key stages—Preparation, Desktop Review, Post-Install Site Inspection, and Final Documentation—provides landlords with a transparent Digital Asset Record, upholding the principles of the Golden Thread. 

We make it happen

Trust CTG Audits to elevate your building safety and connectivity standards, ensuring a seamless and compliant digital future for your infrastructure. 


  • CTG provides framework for audit
  • Third Party telco (inc CF) will attend site to collate information that allows them to create plans/designs.
  • Telco sends documentation to CTG MOC


  • Takes place after fibre installation has been completed.
  • Includes 3 categories:
    • – External works
    • – Internal Works
    • – Fire stopping
  • Checks materials comply with plan and specification, and fire safety is maintained
  • Pass or fail

Desktop Review

  • Check Wayleave
  • QA check and review documentation provided.
  • Ensures all intended work is compliant with legislation, regulation, and build principles.
  • Design Pack authorized
  • PTW doc.
  • Signed by landlord.


  • If an audit has failed, the install is audited again (post-rectification works) to ensure all defects have been resolved.
  • A defect audit report is sent to both the Telco and Landlord


  • Handover Pack provided to the landlord including: Design Pack, RAMS, asbestos survey, FRA, As-Built Pack and Post- Build Site Inspection documents

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