Our Audit Process

At Complete Technology Group (CTG), we help landlords keep buildings and residents safe.

We do this by auditing fibre installations in blocks of flats to ensure full compliance with health and safety, building safety and fire safety legislation, giving landlords’ peace of mind.

CTG’s Audit Service is free for landlords, and has been developed in consultation with landlords and housing associations.

Landlord and MDU Fibre Audit 

Our Audit process is rigorous. It begins with the discovery phase; we compile a comprehensive range of information including Asbestos Reports, Fire Risk Assessments, Occupational Risk Assessments and Method Statements.

As a full fibre installation progresses, we expect all contractors and third parties to keep a record of all Route Designs and Plans, both before, during and once work is complete.

On completion of a fibre installation, one of our Auditors will visit the site to assess the installation against the documentation collated during the Discovery and Planning stages. The Auditor will check the integrity of the building structure, the quality of the fibre installation and that all penetrations through fire compartmentation have been adequately sealed, to ensure the building is fully compliant.

Only once a fibre installation has successfully passed all of the CTG Audit requirements, will it be deemed safe and of a high quality.

CTG sends the Design Pack, As-Built and Audit documentation as part of the landlord’s Handover Pack to meet the principles of the Golden Thread, and ensure the landlord has a Digital Asset Record of every fibre installation.

CTG Audit reduces risk and ensures compliance with Health and Safety, Building Safety and Fire Safety legislation.

Our Commitment to Safety

CTG’s commitment to safety extends to legal and moral obligations toward resident and building safety. A CTG Audit provides assurance of high-quality fibre installations, ensuring building safety with sufficient integrity for fire and construction. 

The CTG Audit ensures compliance with a spectrum of regulations, including:

  • The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
  • The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999
  • Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005
  • The Fire Safety Act 2021
  • The Building Safety Act 2022
  • and The Fire Safety (England) Regulations 2022

Our audits, conducted by an independent CTG team, are held to the highest standards of accountability.

As a Champion of the Building a Safer Future Charter and accredited with ISO450001, CTG actively promotes a cultural shift to enhance safety and standards in fibre installations.

CTG Audit, conducted through four key stages:

  1. Discovery
  2. Desktop Review
  3. Post-Install Site Inspection
  4. Final Documentation — this provides landlords with a Digital Asset Record, upholding the principles of the Golden Thread.

Trust CTG Audits to sustain building safety and connectivity standards.

Having safe and high quality full fibre  infrastructure future-proofs buildings for landlords, and gives residents choice of fast, reliable connectivity.


  • CTG provides framework for audit
  • Third Party telco will attend site to collate information that allows them to create plans/designs.
  • Telco sends documentation to CTG


  • Takes place after fibre installation has been completed.
  • Includes 3 categories:
    • – External works
    • – Internal Works
    • – Fire stopping
  • Checks materials comply with plan and specification, and fire safety is maintained
  • Pass or fail

Desktop Review

  • Check Wayleave
  • QA check and review documentation provided.
  • Ensures all intended work is compliant with legislation, regulation, and build principles.
  • Design Pack authorised
  • Signed by landlord.


  • Handover Pack provided to the landlord including: Design Pack, RAMS, asbestos survey, FRA, As-Built Pack and Post- Build Site Inspection documents