Complete Technology Group
Published On: 24 June 2024

Complete Technology Group to withdraw service offer from the market

Complete Technology Group (CTG) has confirmed its intention to withdraw its current service offer from the market over the coming months.

Founded in 2020 to raise standards in the safety and quality of digital infrastructure, CTG has worked as a bridge for landlords and telecommunications providers, facilitating for both parties so residents living in blocks of flats (also known as Multi-Dwelling Units) can gain access to safe, reliable, ultra-fast connectivity.

The company has partnered more than 20 landlords, building a level of trust in both the housing and telecoms sectors that usually takes many years. As part of its independent and trusted approach, CTG recently became the first telecoms company in the UK to be awarded Building A Safer Future Champion Status.

However, the current slowdown in its telecoms customers’ market has meant the company has been unable to scale sufficiently to continue its planned growth. In response, CTG intends to withdraw its current services and has ceased new activity while the Board undertakes a review to determine the future of its brands and assets.

Chris McLain, Chief Executive Officer at Complete Technology Group, said: “Our decision to manage a controlled withdrawal of our current services ensures we can honour all of our existing commitments for employees, landlords and telcos.

“In the coming weeks, we’re focused on supporting our colleagues, all of whom are affected by the decision, and working with strategic partners to get the best outcomes for all stakeholders

CTG is contacting landlords, telcos or suppliers directly impacted by this decision. CTG can also be contacted at [email protected]. Residents receiving service from an ISP connected to Complete Fibre, CTG’s sister company, will not be affected.

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