Published On: 20 December 2023

Ofcom FTTC /FTTP regulation change

We welcome the introduction of Ofcom’s new guidelines to stop the misuse of the term ‘fibre’ when selling broadband services. For too long industry behemoths have been capitalising on confusing and ambiguous terminology in order to sell part copper services at premium price points. Inflicting considerable financial and service level disparity on consumers whilst also stymieing fair competition in the broadband market. This crack down in distinguishing between FTTC and FTTP services marks a significant and positive turning point for both consumers and Full Fibre ISPs.  

A key factor in widening digital inclusivity is improving consumer education of Full Fibre. CTG’s recent digital inclusion programme corroborates Ofcom’s findings of high levels of confusion and unawareness of the different types of broadband technology available. With new regulations enforcing providers into distinguishing between FTTC and FTTP products, it is a pivotal moment in improving widespread digital inclusion across the UK. 

A catalyst that will no doubt improve consumer welfare and imperatively support the network growth of Alt-Nets and Full Fibre providers, Ofcom’s new guidelines are a long awaited and much needed change in regulatory policies.  

 Kevin Monaghan – Chief Commercial Officer  

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