Clive Ormerod
Published On: 25 June 2021

Meet Clive Ormerod – CTG’s Board adviser

Clive says: “CTG has developed a very exciting opportunity for the telecoms market. The services they provide will help landlords manage their programmes, projects and resources.

More critically, CTG’s thorough audit process (with a focus on fire stopping and electrical compliance) and their digital tools will allow landlords to demonstrate compliance with relevant legislation and standards.

I’m delighted to be their Board adviser – my aim is to be able to give them a clear insight into how best to manage the health and safety, compliance and competence elements of their work. In the current challenging climate this also involves developing a road map for the future, ensuring CTG incorporates the wealth of new legislation into both their audit service and digital platforms. This will enhance landlords’ confidence that they have fully complied with all requirements and ensured resident safety.”

Clive Ormerod has known Kevin Monaghan, CTG’s Commercial and Strategy Director, for about 25 years and they have previously collaborated on the development of industry standards.

Kevin says: “Clive has over 40 years’ experience in construction and business management and for the last 22 years has run OMS providing a compliance consultancy and training. OMS has worked with clients such as AIG, Legal & General, BT, Qualcom and Amazon. They deliver training in a number of areas –  including health and safety and electrical training – and are recognised by most awarding bodies in the UK.”

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