Published On: 1 October 2021

CTG is delighted to be appointed by A2Dominion Group

Martyn Mumford, Assistant Director of Property Services at A2Dominion Group says: “The Government have set some ambitious targets for digital connectivity and inclusion. This provides a significant challenge for social landlords who want to deliver real benefits to their residents, including a choice of supplier.  There’s a lot of new and developing legislation covering the planning and installation of fibre to residents’ homes and any work undertaken must meet these regulatory standards to ensure the safety of our residents.”


Angie James, Senior Category Manager and Procurement Business Partner at A2Dominion Group says: “CTG and A2Dominion signed an Internet Connectivity Service Contract on 1 May 2021, with a four year term, following a public request for quotes process. The agreement is for the delivery of a range of professional services relating to the planning and installation works for FTTH (fibre to the home).  We are confident that CTGs comprehensive service will provide real value and choice to our residents.”


Kevin Monaghan, CTGs Commercial and Strategy Director says: “The process to ensure digital connectivity for residents can be complex, time consuming and in some cases very manual.  Our team at CTG have the skills and experience to make this easier for landlords and developers. We provide a transparent digital compliance record giving landlords protection and assurance that works have been completed to the required standards. We know we can balance the needs of landlords, residents and telcos delivering a solution that meets all their needs.”

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