Published On: 10 June 2021

CTG attends a meeting of the National Social Housing Fire Strategy Group

CTG was very pleased to be invited to attend a meeting of the National Social Housing Fire Strategy Group (NSHFSG) on Thursday 10 June.

The NSHFSG’s work seeks to impact national policy in relation to fire safety in communities for the benefit of tenants, leaseholders and other stakeholders. Their Building Safety Competence Framework Report (Feb 2021) sets out a national competence framework for those who manage or own multi-occupied residential premises. It is supported by a suite of nationally recognised and regulated qualifications aimed at individuals who have responsibility for fire risk management

Andy Frankum, Chair of the NSHFSG said “We were interested to hear how CTGs service will provide residents with high-speed, reliable broadband and technologies with a focus on building integrity and resident safety. We also wanted to hear more about their approach to developing new industry standards. We are sure there will many opportunities to support each other’s work.”

CTG have spoken extensively with landlords in the social housing and private sector who have told us some of their concerns about the best digital solutions for residents, the number of build requests they receive and have to manage, and their need to fully understand all their rights and obligations under wide ranging and often complicated legislation.

Kevin Monaghan of CTG says “We understand the challenges facing social and private landlords in achieving the Government’s targets for digital inclusion by 2025. We will support and enable organisations to achieve success while facing significant societal, economic and regulatory challenges.”

CTG seeks to balance the needs and obligations of landlords with the rights and obligations of telecomms providers but always put the interests and safety of residents at the heart of the process.

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