Published On: 22 June 2023

Complete Technology Group partner with Curo to enable full fibre roll-out for residents in MDUs

Complete Technology Group (CTG), the digital infrastructure specialists, has been selected by Curo, one of the largest housing associations in the Southwest, to plan the strategic roll-out of full-fibre networks for residents living in Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs).

Curo has an extensive housing portfolio of 13,000 homes situated across Bath, Bristol, North Somerset, South Gloucestershire and Wiltshire, of which approximately 4,700 homes are in an MDU.

CTG will work with Curo and third-party Internet Service Providers, as well as its own sister company, Complete Fibre, to optimise full-fibre network solutions for each MDU in Curo’s portfolio.

Set up in 2020, CTG acts as a bridge for landlords and telecommunications providers, facilitating for both parties so residents gain safe access to reliable, ultra-fast digital connectivity.

Matt Steele, Director of Assets at Curo, said: “Rather than respond reactively to ad hoc requests from telecoms companies, we’re keen to work strategically across our estate ahead of the Copper Switch Off. This will save us time and resources in the long term.

“CTG is helping us to plan the fibre roll-out, and then audit buildings post-installation, ensuring the integrity of the building is preserved and is fully compliant with regulations. Their service doesn’t cost Curo or our residents any money and enables us to future-proof the building, so over time, all residents will get access to fibre broadband.”

In addition to the strategy and planning, CTG holds all parties to account through its audit process and provides the landlord with a digital asset record for each MDU. This gives full transparency and accountability for all fibre installations.

“With something of a race underway to lay fibre in the UK, upholding the principles of the Building Safety Act’s golden thread is critical to keeping residents and landlords safe,” adds Kevin Monaghan, Chief Commercial Officer, CTG.

“Fibre installations are not exempt from building regulations and we’re working with landlords, at no cost, to help them meet their obligations in this area. At the same time, we work with telecoms companies to help them gain access to buildings in a timely manner and install safely.”

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