Our Goals

Bringing Broadband to people, safely.

To Assure

We will provide a safe environment for your people and stakeholders & compliance assurance for your organisation & leadership.

We will focus on key risks of fire stopping and electrical compliance.

We will provide the digital tools to help you to demonstrate compliance.

To Connect

We will be the bridge between landlords and telecoms providers, translating requirements and holding them to account, connecting people to fast affordable broadband.

We will use our expertise to provide insight, knowledge and advice

To Enable

We will provide the controls and focus required by our housing customers while enabling telecoms providers to work at their required pace.

We will help telecoms providers and their delivery partners to get it right first time.

To Enhance

Using our broad experience and expert advisors to inform our organisational design and partner strategy we will work tirelessly to lead the establishment of new industry standards.


Providing independent assurance.

Safety & Compliance

The wellbeing and safety of your people and your property is our priority. So too is maintaining compliance into the future. We provide you with a comprehensive digital asset record of all the work undertaken by telecoms providers on your property.   All relevant regulatory requirements are incorporated in the assurance process. Our management systems are designed to meet ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 14001 & ISO 27001.

Industry Partnerships Defining new standards

We have partnered with Smart Awards & PQMS.  PQMS are the UK’s leading telecoms training provider and provide training for the Fire & Rescue service, gas and electricity companies. Our experienced auditors will be trained to a new higher national standard - developed with, and accredited by, Smart Awards. This will encompass fire, building, construction and telecommunications standards and an introduction to specific issues in the social housing environment.

Risk Based Approach

Our 5-stage audit process meticulously ensures safety and compliance from design and planning through to on-site activity and post-installation quality assurance. Our digital handover pack is designed to mesh seamlessly with your systems to provide such a detailed and clear asset record that you are equipped to maintain full compliance in perpetuity. The aim is the assurance of effective risk mitigation during the project and over time.

End To End

We are your specialist partner to identify opportunities to optimise your commercial value in the telecoms market. We can tailor our service to offer a wide range of support in project and programme management, wayleave negotiations, statutory Code management and smart building technology. We utilise deep knowledge of both the telecoms market and in-depth knowledge of the Housing Association environment.

Digital Platform

Flexibility, transparency and close co-ordination result from our carefully honed, data-secure, Cloud- based digital platform. Hosted on Microsoft Azure we provide full visibility to both our clients and telecoms providers, accessible throughout. Our digital platform is deployed and trusted in safety critical environments by Cadent (the gas network for London), HS2, Skanska, M Group and Balfour Beatty.