Meet Amy Harrison – Account Director

Amy Harrison is passionate about the environment and has a deep-seated desire to improve people’s lives. With responsibility for managing a team of Account Managers who are working alongside landlords at CTG, she relishes the opportunity to improve broadband connectivity for residents, while also improving building safety and ensuring homes are future proofed.

Amy’s background is in renewable energy, so when the opportunity came for her to join CTG, she felt it was a natural and progressive step.

“When I learned about CTG and was invited to join the team, I felt it was a no brainer,” said Amy.

“I was enthused because it stood for all the things that I felt so passionately about.

“On average, there are around 20 fires a day in multi-occupancy flats in the UK. This is caused by a range of issues, but residents in these properties are vulnerable. It brings home to us the importance of ensuring all fibre optic connectivity and broadband is installed to the highest standard – to help remove fire risks to people.

“CTG is passionate about ensuring installs are carried out properly and that people are held to account, and I’m excited to be a part of that.”

Amy said CTG, through its audit, design and installation services, and through the installation of Complete Fibre, could be the catalyst for change. With safety, quality, and accountability among its key values, she believes it has the power to drive up standards and reduce the risks to residents.

“Everything that CTG does is about improving lives and that is something that I really connect with,” added Amy.

“There are no down sides to CTG at all. I have worked at some pretty amazing companies, but this is hands down my favourite – purely because of what it does and the way it does it. People come first.

“I’m proud to be here and am genuinely looking forward to making a difference. We could save lives.”