CTG welcomes Stuart King, our Head of Operations

Stuart brings over 22 years of experience of installing, maintaining and sustaining communications network infrastructures and ICT projects internationally for the security and defence sectors, often in very challenging and austere environments.

Stuart says: “Having spent most of my career in the Army I was looking for a new challenge. Coming on board at this stage with CTG means that I can help build on the solid foundations that already exist. Having spoken to CTG I was impressed by the ethos of the people working there, the commitment to delivering real benefits to residents, and the close knit and family-like quality of the way they work together.

“My role as Head of Operations will be to lead the teams who will build the Complete Fibre and 5th fibre networks and then continue to develop products which meet our clients’ needs.

“At the moment I’m involved in a lot of frontline work – looking at plans, carrying out site visits and reviewing audits. I’ve started to recruit my team so that we can scale and grow quickly to meet the current and future needs of the organisation. I’m looking forward to the challenge of finding the right people who can work cohesively together to deliver real results for CTG and our clients.

“Particular opportunities within the current political and economic climate are the demands on the supply chain. I’ll be working closely with our supplier partners around these issues and using this to continually improve our joint processes which will allow us to deliver a high-quality product in a timely manner.”

Andy Wells, CTG’s Chief Operating Officer says: “Stuart has an impressive track record of delivering successful IT and telecoms projects around the world often under very challenging conditions. He brings a clear understanding of the complex requirements of projects and is able to translate these into innovative and practical solutions that our clients will appreciate.

“He’s a great communicator engaging with stakeholders to understand their points of view and form strong, lasting and collaborative relationships with people who share CTG’s long term values.  Stuart has a history of building and leading successful teams with a deeply held belief in motivating, developing and advancing his team members, promoting a high-performance culture and ensuring colleagues have the opportunity to realise their full potential.

“Stuart’s extensive experience in delivering high quality solutions with a strong focus on safety will provide significant benefits to CTG, our clients and our partners as we scale and grow the company.”